The warriors of this tiny Kingdom are called Gurkhas. The impression given by these hilly warriors during the two consecutive years war with British East India Company (1814-1816), British had designated them as a martial race, brave and well built for fighting that were thought to be the fittest in all terrain whole over the world. The successful mission of controlling the colonized areas by the British was fulfilled through these brave Gurkhas.

The Victoria Cross (VC) is the British Military's highest decoration and is awarded to members of the Armed Forces for exceptional valour "in the face of the enemy". The Gurkhas have loyally fought in nearly all of the world's major wars for nearly two centuries and have earned Britain's highest service honours. It is a great glory and pride to the Gurkhas who won 13 Victoria Cross awards in various wars as a token of their bravery, loyalty and contribution to build Britain as a great nation since last two hundred years. They are famous for their ever-present kukris, a distinctive heavy knife with a curved blade, and for their reputation of being fierce fighters and brave soldiers. The motto of a Gurkha reflects the Gurkha legacy - "It is better to die than to be a coward" - This phrase reflects the image of Gurkhas as the bravest of the brave that world has ever seen.